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I regularly live-stream piano on a Sunday morning via FaceBook and YouTube. This is a very casual event open to the general public. I dual-stream to both platforms so you are welcome at either.

Generally there is a weekly theme and a lively group of people interacting in a very lively way via the chat. Please come along and pass an hour or so.

Next live stream Monday 27th December at 11am.

The next live stream will be a Christmas collection, very similar to last year. Just a chance to get together and let the food of the two days before go down. There will be a mixture of tunes, hopefully something for everyone. Come along for some lively chat and join the little community. Most tunes are practiced within a week, all played casually on the piano.

Michelle will be in chat, as always, so come along for some lively chat and join the little community.

The buttons below take you to either Facebook or YouTube. Each platform has their own chat, but I will see it all - as will my chat-wifey, Michelle.
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My online casual piano concerts are entirely free. However, I do purchase sheet music and spend a reasonable amount of time practicing for these sessions. With this in mind I have been asked if there is any way to contribute towards the preparation. I have therefore created a PayPal donation button here, in case anyone would like to support my endeavour. This is NOT required, but greatly appreciated.

Previous streams

Some of these videos may not be available for a short while. I am reviewing all videos and will make them public again soon.

Previous streams YouTube playlist available here.

13th June 2021

4th April 2021

Memory Lane

Community Special 2


31st January 2021

Community Special

Goodbye 2020

Simon's Choice

The Weather

Mum's Birthday

A Day in the Life

Michelle's Choice

Simon's Choice


Returning Highlights



Classical Collection

Cheese but not Cheese

Space and Sci-fi

Potpourri 2

Video Game Themes


Movie Themes

Malcolm's Choice

11th April 2021

Medley of Medleys

28th February 2021

7th February 2021

24th January 2021

New Beginnings

Christmas Special


Great Arrangements

Requests, November 2020








Theme Tunes 2


Simon's Choice

The Four Elements

TV Themes

Disney, Musicals & Cheese

Live 11th April 2020