Pianists of the world, one piano at a time

Not so long ago I started a video project to meet other pianists and their pianos. I decided to record these meetings in the form of YouTube videos which include sections on the pianist, their piano and (hopefully) a little performance from them.

I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people and hearing all about their much-loved pianos - or even their brand-new piano with no history whatsoever. If you are interested in taking part please drop me an email.

Episode 9 - Laurence Bennett

Episode 8 - Kimble Reynolds

Episode 7 - Andy Cobb

Episode 6 - Rachael Eden

Episode 5 - Suzette Wallhead

Episode 4 - Christopher Green-Armytage

Episode 3 - Alison Sparrow

Episode 2 - Alison Lincoln

Episode 1 - Simon Ireson