NOTE: Due to 2020 being a very difficult time for developing my Orkney piano studio I have now returned to full-time work. I am therefore unlikely to be able to take on any new students at this time.

Let me help you learn the piano…

I would love to help you enjoy making music as much as I do. All of my face-to-face piano teaching used to take place at The Reel in Kirkwall in one of their upstairs rooms. With the current situation of The Reel being closed I have moved a lot of my students online. Please have a look at the details for my teaching there. Hopefully I can return to in-person teaching soon at a convenient location within Orkney.

I have previously specialised in teaching adult students, as my methods appear to work well with this age group. However, I always tailor my methods to each individual and have taught students successfully as young as six. I always maintain a current DBS check to reassure any parents, should I take on the tuition of their son or daughter. Some of my students have passed Associated Board examinations but I do not regard these as mandatory. The most important thing is that an enjoyment of playing the piano is nurtured, supported and encouraged.

My teaching practice is very important to me and I have found that the more I teach the better a pianist I become. Hopefully my students leave each lesson safe in the knowledge that I am passionate about the piano and their own, unique development.

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Lessons are in multiples of 30 minutes and can be as frequent as desired. I usually suggest an introductory lesson to meet and greet, as well as establish some goals. During this lesson a regular schedule will be arranged around convenience for both the student and my availability. I have students who come for an hour a week as well as others who pop in for a half-hour lesson every month. Having taught adults for many years I appreciate that life happens and everybody has different pulls on their time.

Complete beginners are taken through the very basics of the instrument and will be playing their first scale before the end of the first lesson. I generally recommend a particular first method book but from there students will explore a range of pieces to expand their skills and begin to identify their preferences.

Finally, no matter the music at the beginning, I will adapt my training to the individual and the music they would like to play. Playing a musical instrument is a very personal experience and I find practice comes easier to those students who are encouraged to enjoy their music-making. Drop me an email and let me help you on your journey with the piano.